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Does a Beneficiary Pay Taxes When Inheriting an Annuity 

August 31, 2023

The topic of inheritance and taxes—always a fun one to navigate, isn't it? Like many things ...

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Advantages of the 1035 Exchange IRS Code

June 29, 2023

A 1035 tax-free exchange may provide good options for tax liability management. Named after Section 1035 ...

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Understanding the Annuity Free Look Period

April 26, 2023

You have a legal right to review your annuity risk-free. An annuity is an investment that ...

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Should You Take Out a Loan From Your 401(k)?

February 23, 2023

A 401(k) loan can be a tempting option when you need quick cash. But it's essential ...

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 Be A Surgeon, Cut Out The Tax Tumors 

July 6, 2021

Be A Surgeon, Cut The Tax Tumors Out Of Your Retirement Accounts. In 1999, at the ...

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How To Secure Guaranteed Retirement Income In A Volatile And Chaotic World

July 2, 2021

No one knows how to time the stock market, no one! By Brad Pistole - Certified ...

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The Stock Market Crash of 2020 – Were you protected?

July 2, 2020

By Brad Pistole – Commentary When it comes to your retirement plan and trying to “time ...

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The Triple Whammy

February 8, 2019

Have you ever been Whammied?  It is not fun especially when it is tripled! For ...

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Should You Convert Your IRA To A ROTH IRA

February 1, 2019

If you are considering converting your IRA to a Roth IRA make sure you know the ...

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Will Your Retirement Accounts Last You To Age 117?

July 31, 2018

By Brad Pistole, Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF) On July 22nd, 2018, the world’s oldest person died ...

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Learn The Secret That Most Affects Your Retirement Success

April 17, 2018

When you consider what it takes to establish a successful retirement plan, what comes to mind? ...

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10,000 Baby Boomers Retire Each Day

January 30, 2021

10,000 new baby boomers retire each day. Think about it: Many people don’t get defined ...

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6 Annuity Misconceptions You Need To Know

January 30, 2019

Here are 6 Annuity Misconceptions You Should Know About When it comes to Your Money and ...

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7 Financial Tips to Help you Enjoy Life and Reduce Stress

April 6, 2019

 Use these tips to reduce stress 1. Get serious about your retirement: If your employer matches ...

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A Compelling Story: Fixed Index Annuities

July 21, 2020

How would you like to play poker where the casino told you they would guarantee you ...

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A Gold Watch And Lifetime Income

March 7, 2019

Pensions have evolved to self directed retirement planning I grew up in steel country in Western ...

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A La Carte Planning Don't Be A Victim

March 26, 2023

A dangerous phenomenon is happening within the financial services industry. For years marketing gurus taught the ...

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A New Idea That Has Been With Us For Over 200 Years

August 14, 2019

“Only money left over after paying taxes can be spent. For the average person in the ...

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A Retirement Income Trifecta

May 9, 2022

The Best Practices Used to Create Sustainable Streams of Retirement Income My parents and grandparents both ...

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A Simple And Successful Approach For Your Nest Egg

September 25, 2022

In the spring of 1983, a 61-year-old Australian sheep farmer named Cliff Young entered his first-ever ...

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